The NLOM! Foundation

The NLOM! Foundation is proud licensee of the 23rd edition of the European Company Sport Games 2022. By organizing this unique event, we want to connect workers from Europe and allow them to shift between the various host cities in the province of Gelderland.

From the foundation we work together with VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland on projects of social value that make a difference for people and society. We stimulate employers’ commitment to corporate social responsibility and show what is already happening. For, by, with and on behalf of entrepreneurs.

Part of the foundation is Nederland Ondernement Vitaal (Netherland Entrepreneurship Vital)! Fit employees feel better about themselves, are employable in a sustainable way and can work more relaxed. This has advantages for employees and employers. The projects within our foundation challenge working people in the Netherlands to get started with exercise, a healthy lifestyle, relaxation and prevention in the field of alcohol and smoking. We do this, among other things, by sharing information, connecting organizations and experts and by organizing concrete activities and programs.

One of these activities is the European Company Sport Games 2022; a unique opportunity to promote vitality in the workplace. Our mission is to organize a great event and thereby inspire companies to structurally start working with a healthy lifestyle. This way we can achieve a lot of health benefits in the Netherlands!