During the ECSG there are several ceremonies: the opening, closing and medal ceremonies.

Opening ceremony

The openings ceremony for the European Company Sport Games 2022 will take place at the event site on main hub Papendal on Wednesday 22 June. Papendal is het national training centre for the Olympic en national athletes of the Netherlands, a perfect sport to celebrate vitality and sporting together.  

The openings ceremony will officially start at 8.30 pm at the event site. Participants are welcome from 17.30 for dinner and then continue towards the event site. During this ceremony we take you along the different cities and municipalities that are hosting the ECSG. And we will of course not forget the history with the start of the ECSG in the Netherlands.  

Support your country by waving your flag. During the flag parade, everyone can participate with the mini flags that are presented on the event site. We will see you there! 

Closing ceremony

The closing ceremony will be held on Saturday 25 June at the event cite on Papedal. The ceremony will officially start at 08.30 pm. At the ceremony the after movie with all highlights of the European Company Sport Games 2022 will be shown at the big screens. At the closing ceremony the organization will be handover to representatives from Bordeaux, who will host the ECSG in 2023. Like the other nights, there will be musical entertainment for a smashing end of the 2022 edition of the ECSG! 

Medal ceremony

This afternoon between 3 and 4 pm is the medal ceremony of golf. The best teams will receive their medal on stage. Be sure to come to the event site this afternoon. Bring your colleagues and get the applause you deserve!

Winner individual gross

Gold men: Philipp Reinermann

Golf women: Myrte Eikenaar

Winner team gross

Koninklijke Nederlandse Golf Federatie

  • Myrte Eikenaar
  • Alexander Regners
  • Sietse Herrema

Winning teams

  1.  BSG Allianz Köln WeiB-Blau e.V. 11
    • Claudia Potthoff
    • Lists Ropper
    • Katje Roppes



    • Eric Trindade
    • Laurent Andres
    • Nathalie Andres


    3. BSG Allianz Köln WeiB-Blau e.V. 2

    • Guido Barz
    • Paul Bernarding
    • Savas Berktas