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Last day!

25 juni 2022
Afbeelding voor Last day!
Only a few hours left before we go to the closing ceremony. We hope you all enjoyed the games as much as we did!

Closing + DJ 8.30PM

After four days full of blood, sweat, tears and a lot of fun, we will together close the Games tonight. Get ready to party with your colleagues and the athletes from 14 different countries. Starting 3 p.m. the DJ takes place behind the wheels of steel for an afternoon dance break. The closing ceremony will start at 20.30 after which the party will reach its absolute peak!

Diner 6.30PM – 9.30PM

After all the efforts of the past few days, tonight you obviously deserve a delicious dinner again. The catering team is ready for you in the dining rooms from 18.30 to 21.30. And of course, a good meal forms the base for a vibrant closing ceremony!

Last day

The final day of the Games has arrived. It would almost make us sentimental, because we have enjoyed you immensely over the past few days. Once again we pull out all the stops to ensure everyone has a fantastic day and evening. Enjoy it to the fullest!

Check pictures of the games on the site

Say cheeese! We’ve uploaded the most beautiful photos of the past few days in our Flickr account. The photos are organized by day, so that makes searching a little easier. With a little luck you will find yourself in our digital hall of fame!

Winners pictures at the winners wall from 4 pm 6 pm 

This afternoon from 4 pm to 6 pm our photographer will be at the winners wall on the event site. So bring your medal and your best smile! In that way you can also show at home what you have accomplished during the European Company Sport Games 2022.