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Heat plan

June 22, 2022
Afbeelding voor Heat plan
The weather forecast is expecting a heat weave during the ECSG2022. We like to advice you to read our heat plan carefully

We will release a weather update every morning and evening and will communicate to our participants accordingly. We are in close contact with medical experts who are advising us with the right measurements to take due to the weather.

Changing or cancelling competitions

Changes or cancelling competition due to the weather will always be in cooperation with the EFCS.

Extra risk sports

Below are a few sports that bring higher risk greater chance of heat stroke or other heat related issues:

–  Football, Tennis, Beach Volleybal, Atletics, Cycling: high risk because of long exposure to the sun and intensity of the sport

– Golf, Mini Golf: high risk due to long exposure to the sun

– Orienteering: high risk because of the intensity of the sport

– Petanque: relatively higher age group an potential alcohol consumption

General advice

We like to advice the important parts below to follow up during the heat wave at the Games. Together, we can enjoy the sun in a responsible way and keep an eye on each other to stay cool.

Wear proper clothing to protect against the sun. For example: wear caps, sunglasses, heats etc.

Use your reusable drinking bottle. All participants will receive a reusable drinking bottle in their goodie bag. Tap water in the Netherlands is safe to drink. Please take you drinking bottle with you and fill it up.

Drink at least one drinking bottle every 30 minutes if you are joining a high intensity sports. Note: golfers on course will be provided with water on course. The golf clubs will drive by with water taps for golfers to fill up their bottles while playing.

Use sunscreen and don’t forget to put on new sunscreen every 2 hours or even more often.

Between competitions, try to find as much shade as possible to cool down.Please be careful and very moderate with the use of alcohol during the competition.

Please change players as much as possible during team sports. Take a quick rest and drink water to cool down before switching team members again.

Don’t forget at the end it’s about participating in the ECSG2022! Having a good time overrules going to the max to claim a golden medal.